Logos Morph Query Builder

I recently stumbled upon a new feature in Logos called the Morph Query Builder. This was originally released September of last year (see forum post here ). In Logos 7.4 I can see this option under documents, but it is presently grayed out; presumably its development is still in process. Use this link to pull up information in the Logos help file about this feature. You can see a video about this feature here .

I had heard about this from various Logos folks for a while now, so I’m glad to see this in the works. This will bring Logos up to speed with other vendors in the Bible software space, making it so much easier for users to go grammatical work in the Hebrew and Greek texts with Logos.

Logos, if you are listening, as a favor to this Greek prof, please get this feature up and running asap! It will help us and our students abundantly to have this feature available to us.