Markdown Update

I recently posted about the value of Markdown for academic writing. I have been working in Markdown exclusively for a number of weeks now, and I thought a quick update would be in order.

I have gravitated to MultiMarkdown as my Markdown variant of choice, primarily because it can handle footnotes. I tend to write with MultiMarkdown Composer, but I also use nvALT to get things started. I then move over to MultiMarkdown Composer when the piece gets some meat on the bone. I have found that I like the preview capability of Marked 2 a little better than the built in preview capability in MultiMarkdown Composer, but they are both very functional.[1]

What I find I like the best about writing in Markdown is the lack of friction. It has become very easy to get words down now because I no longer fiddle with formatting or layout. My goal as of late has been to write a minimum of 200 words per day. I’m not perfect in meeting it, but often I far surpass it, so my overall output has improved. Markdown has made writing become a more pleasant experience overall than it was before, which makes it easier to do each day.

  1. These are all Mac programs, but there are comparable tools available on Windows. What I said before is worth repeating here: Part of the beauty of Markdown is that I could switch programs or even platforms and it would still work, as at its root it is simply plain text.  ↩