Installing Logos as a DTS student

As part of my responsibilities in guiding the DTS/Logos partnership, I'm working to develop online help pages that DTS students will be able to access for self-help related to learning the software. I'm going to test out some of the pages here, so if you are a DTS student and have any feedback or questions related to these pages, please let me know in the comments. If you would ask your DTS friends to take a look as well, I'd appreciate it.

This first page is about installing Logos.

Installing Logos Bible Software is a fairly easy process. Most of the heavy lifting is handled by Logos. At the beginning of each semester DTS sends Logos lists of approved students, which Logos then authorizes to download resources. Once a student is authorized, Logos sends an email with instructions on how to download the software.

There are some particular things about the process that can help with troubleshooting installation issues:

  • DTS sends Logos the email the student has on file with DTS for official communications. Often problems occur in the installation process because students are using a different email to log into Logos than the one they have on file with DTS. Be sure to check the email account you have with DTS for the authorization email.
  • Often a spam or junk folder snags the email from Logos since this is the first communication a student might receive from them, so check there as well for the authorization email.

Installing the Logos software requires an online account with Logos. Logos automatically creates an account for each student with their DTS-associated email. The authorization email guides the student to create a password for this account to complete this process. This also provides a way to resend the email to get the software installed.

  • If you have not received any communication from Logos as a new student, go to Logos, click on Sign In, and then Forgot your password?. Enter your DTS-associated email to send an email which will help you reset your password.
  • If you have a pre-existing account with Logos that uses a different email address, you need to contact Logos customer support so the prior account can be merged with the new account. This is the only way to access resources bought previously and resources available in the DTS student package.

Once you have a password associated with your Logos account, you are ready to install the software. The email will have instructions for downloading the installer, but you can also download it directly from Logos for Windows or Mac. At some point in the installation process you will need to enter your email and password. Note that the installation process as a whole can take a long time, as the software downloads all your resources to your hard drive and then indexes them. It’s not a bad idea to start it one evening and let it run all night to complete the process.

Once DTS sends a student’s email to Logos, Logos takes on the responsibility for any assistance with installation. If any issues about installation remain after following these instructions, contact their support line (800–875–6467).