A couple of Logos tricks

File this in the "old dog/new tricks category." I recently learned two very helpful tricks in Logos I wanted to share. The first involves BDAG while the second concerns footnotes.

Often when I read I want to see the text of footnotes. The default view in Logos does not show their text unless you click on them, which is a little clunky in my opinion. To change this, change the number of columns for the book you are reading from "none" to anything else. Now the text of footnotes will be displayed.

Screen Shot 2013 07 02 at 1 33 31 PM
Screen Shot 2013 07 02 at 1 40 35 PM

When I'm working on the Greek text, I can doubleclick on a Greek word to have the BDAG entry open up for me, which is normal and expected. The problem is that BDAG has so much text that it's hard to find the verse I'm looking for, that is, the reference for the verse which contains the word I clicked on to start with. If you change BDAG to show links to open panels, the verse reference will now be highlighted.

Screen Shot 2013 07 02 at 1 33 56 PM