Zondervan's new Greek vocabulary app

Zondervan has recently developed a new vocabulary app for Greek students, Basics of Biblical Greek Vocabulary Cards. I have not seen it in action yet, but the publicity blurb I received identifies two features which deserve a little attention:

(1) a quiz feature that can be turned on for any possible sorting of the cards, and (2) the ability to sort cards not just by the chapter order of Zondervan's language manuals, but also by the chapter order of any of the most popular Greek grammars on the market.

The quiz feature mentioned likely means the app will sort by chapter, part of speech, perhaps even frequency. This is pretty standard for vocabulary apps of this type, but it's a useful feature as it allows the student to tailor the app to their needs for the moment. The second is a helpful feature, as not everyone uses Mounce's text, Basics of Biblical Greek, also published by Zondervan. So this app could prove very a boon to a wide group of students.

The images of this app in the iTunes store look crisp and fresh. One reviewer there lamented the lack of roots for verbs, which is a valid concern.

If anyone has used the app, please comment about it. I'd like to hear what you think of it.