BibleWorks announces native Mac version - Updated

I just received word that BibleWorks has announced a native Mac version of their software available today. As Emeril Lagasse would say, "BAM!" This can only bode well for the higher end of the Bible software market, as competition is nothing but good for the end user in this space. I'm going to try this out as soon as I can and post a review here.

Here's the details I received, copied over from the email announcement:

NO VM software required!

NO Windows license needed!

If you have the latest BW9 DVDs (rev 3), there is no additional cost to run the native version of BibleWorks 9 on a Mac. Registered users with earlier BW9 versions can purchase replacement rev.3 DVDs for $25.

This will give users the following three options:
OPTION #1 -- Running the Native version of BibleWorks on a Mac
OPTION #2 -- Running BibleWorks on a Mac in a Virtual Machine
OPTION #3 -- Running BibleWorks on a Mac using Boot Camp

To assist our users we launched several web pages detailing each option. They include screenshots, videos and other information to allow users to see which option works best for them.

Please go to
As always, BibleWorks comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you purchase BibleWorks directly from us but cannot get it to work with your virtualization software, you may return BibleWorks for a refund (shipping not included).

UPDATE: In order to install BibleWorks on a Mac, you have to have version 3 of the BW9 install DVD. I was an early adopter, so I have version 1. My new DVDs are on the way, and I will post a review here once I get to run the software through the paces.