Logos Reading View

I love discovering features in software that I didn't know about before, especially when they are pretty helpful. Such is the case with Logos reading view. Like the rest of the digitized world, lots of my reading is done on the computer, but it's a love-hate relationship. I love the ready access, but I hate the lack of focus. My distaste towards this kind of reading is often fueled by the inherent distractions of the format. My computer desktop has a lot going on, much more so when I'm running a Bible software program. Enter Logos reading view, which reformats the text into a more pleasant, distraction-free format. Entering this view makes the text full screen with multiple columns; footnotes can be turned on or off as needed. Here's a screenshot of Logos displaying a text normally:


This is workable for extended reading, but not the best because of lots of distractions to take my attention off the text. Compare that to the reading view:


This is a lot cleaner and more useful when I need to work through a text in detail.

On the Mac Logos reading view can be turned on and off with Shift-Command-F; on Windows it's F11.