Logos Academic Training

As part of my "continuing education" as a professor, I try hard to stay on top of all the software that is out there. I've often mentioned here the big three Bible software platforms (Logos, Accordance, BibleWorks); my personal goal is proficiency in all three. This last weekend I went to a Logos Faculty Summit at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. Obviously it was a sales opportunity for Logos, but they also brought in Morris Proctor to give us a couple of hours of training on Logos for an academic setting. I have heard about Morris Proctor and his Camp Logos training seminars a lot, but I have never had the opportunity to attend. I have to say I was impressed. Morris is a good presenter, and he knows his way around the software. He guided us through some fairly basic matters, but at the same time he showed us a number of things I had not seen before. More than that, he helped me to think differently about how Logos could be useful in my research and teaching. I'm always looking for new ideas, so that was a nice aspect of his presentation.

If you work in an academic setting as a professor or student and use Logos, then you ought to consider attending a training event or acquiring the Logos Academic Training DVD. The DVD is a little pricey, but occasionally better deals can be had if your school is involved in promoting it. It is always worthwhile to spend the time and energy learning to use the tools, and I imagine for most people this will be worth the investment.