Logos: Visual Filters

One feature of Logos 4 that I really like is the visual filter. In a nutshell this feature allows you to indicate words or grammatical features you'd like to see highlighted in the text you are reading, and Logos' implementation is pretty slick. I have used this in the classroom with good effect to show various grammatical features of the Greek New Testament. Let me illustrate with the following example: We worked through Philippians 2:5-8 in intermediate Greek yesterday. One thing I emphasized was carefully noting which verbs were indicative and which were participles. This would be a great thing to show visually. So I can create a visual filter to show indicatives in the NA27 text in yellow and participles in pink. The visual filter setup looks like this:

This is the only thing I have to set up. This automatically makes the NA27 text look like this:

This shows visually some very important exegetical information that makes it easier to comprehend. Visual filters can be made quickly and easily, and then saved for reuse. And they can be used on any text within the Logos library, not just original language texts.