Accordance: Graphical Searching

Accordance has always been strong in the area of creating a graphical construct to search the Greek text. When I first learned about Accordance in the early 1990's, Dr. Wallace was working on his Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics. He would demonstrate some of the neat things he could do with Accordance, and they usually involved a graphical search. This was also the time when Macs were known for their graphical capabilities, much more than any PC on the market. Both BibleWorks and Logos can do something similar, but Accordance has the cleanest, most usable graphical interface. Just as an example, recently in my first semester Greek class we discussed how in a sentence with two nominatives the article will often mark which one is the subject; the other nominative would then be the predicate nominative. An astute student asked me, is this rule always true? Are there sentences which have two nominatives that each have the article? Are there sentences which have two nominatives and neither has the article? I could not think of any off the top of my head, but I quickly put together a graphical Greek construct in Accordance and found that both situations exist. Here is a screen shot of the search which found two nominatives in an equative sentence, each having the article, with a strict word order.

There's a lot of information here, but suffice it to say I could build this quickly with a minimum of hassle. I could also modify it, save it, and reuse it again later. This is simply a quick, clean, useful tool for searching the biblical text.