The best way to learn Greek vocabulary

Yes, this post only matters to a very small percentage of the population, but to that percentage this is a big, big deal. Learning vocabulary words is a necessary evil in language acquisition. Until you know those basic building blocks, you can't really make much progress in a language. Most every language class on earth requires learning vocabulary, so it makes some sense to think about the best way to do it. Here's a method I learned when I was in first-year Greek so long ago. One of the NT tutors at DTS at the time taught it to me, and it really impressed me as useful and effective.

The basic idea is deceptively simple: Make your own vocabulary cards on index cards, but instead of putting one word per card, put five words per card. Make two columns, with vocab word on the left and English definition on the right. The words can be any order or grouping you would like, but of course a logical grouping will be more effective in the long run. Then review, review, review.

Here's why this works so well. First, you are actively involved in organizing the information in the way you want to learn it. That gets you mentally involved from the beginning, which aids learning. Second, the words are grouped together in sets of five, so you see them as a group, not as isolated vocab words. This is the real genius in my opinion. It is always easier to learn things in groups; our minds are better in recalling information that is hooked together instead of in isolated, discrete units. By putting the words in groups of five you give your mind a better hook to grab onto. Many times I was able to recall a word meaning because I remembered the arrangement in the group of the word and its definition, not because I remembered the definition right away.

In short what this method does is hook information together to aid recall. This beats simple repetition of isolated words every time.