A year (and then some) in the French Bible

Today I finished a task I started well over a year ago. During my sabbatical in France, I wanted to get as much exposure to the French language as I could, so I committed to read through a French translation of the Bible starting July 1, 2010. I chose the 1979 Nouvelle Edition de Genève because I have that version in my Bible software. I used the Logos software to create a reading plan that started with Genesis 1 and went straight through in canonical order. This morning I finished the last chapter of Revelation, and there was much rejoicing! If you have never read through the Bible in a year, I want to recommend it to you for three main reasons. First, reading the entire Bible gives you important context for interpretation of any one part. One should not interpret Paul, for example, without thinking carefully through the Old Testament books he himself thought about as he wrote. Reading the entire Bible is a great starting point for proper exegesis.

Second, reading through the entire Bible requires great discipline. As you can tell, I did not finish reading through the Bible in a year, but I did finish. It takes discipline to stick with the task each day. It is a great spiritual and mental exercise that God used to help me grow.

Third, by reading the entire Bible, you give God a great opportunity to speak to you. If we believe that God speaks to us through his word, then we ought to be reading and considering the message of as much of that word as we can.