ETS Day 3

Busy day here at ETS, but what else is new?

  • The DTS alumni breakfast began bright and early at 6:45 am. (Really, who eats this early?) A fun time was had by all. Dr. Bailey gave his “State of the Seminary” address and Greg Hatteberg gave out door prizes.
  • I met with a publisher to discuss various writing projects. They are interested in popular-level materials on key biblical themes, NT books, or specific texts. The publisher has a neat vision to publish scholarly materials accessible by laypeople. We’ll continue the discussion, but it looks likely that I’ll sign up with them. (Who is it, you ask? Since I haven't signed on the dotted line, I don't feel free to say, but I'll keep you posted!)
  • The ETS business meeting was simple and to the point. I have no idea if Darrell Bock wants to move out of ETS leadership, but he keeps getting nominated and accepts it, so I guess he doesn't mind it too much.
  • Lunch was a gathering sponsored by Faithlife , the company which makes Logos Bible Software . There I met Derek Brown, Phil Gons, and other Faithlife folks. I was able to fill them in on my EEC Galatians work.
  • While at the Logos lunch I also met Andy Naselli , which was a treat.
  • Afternoon was spent in the 2nd Temple Literature and BIblical Interpretation section. John Barclay interacted with a panel and the audience over his new book, Paul and the Gift. This was a great session to see cutting edge scholarship and think through a new paradigm for understanding grace in Paul.

At present I'm waiting at SAT, ready to catch my flight home. See you guys in Dallas!