ETS Day 2.2

Wednesday late afternoon and evening were full of Bible-nerdy goodness.

  • I heard Stephen Wellum deliver a paper in the Progressive Covenantalism study group on the use of inaugurated eschatology isn dispensationalism and covenant theology. His final argument was that it cannot be used to prove one or the other.
  • After that I graded papers in my room for a bit. I know, call me Mr. Fun.
  • The evening was devoted to the banquet and presidential address. I was fortunate to sit with several neat people: Dr. Mark Bailey , president of DTS; Jeff Miller , my pastor; Paige and Priscilla West, good friends who recently moved away from the Dallas metroplex. Dan Wallace delivered a great address on what evangelicals can learn from medieval manuscripts. The focus was strongly on reverence and attention to the Bible, unity of believers in our academic pursuits, and charity towards others as we study together.
  • After that I hit the sack. Like I said, call me Mr. Fun.

The funniest moment of the evening: a couple hundred phones firing off an emergency alert in the middle of Dr. Wallace's address. The cognitive dissonance as people tried to ignore it was palpable.