ETS Bits and Bobs

I bought no books this year. Not a one. Call me crazy.

One of the prizes Greg Hatteburg gave out at the DTS breakfast was to the person who drove down whose car had the most miles on it. The winner had a Honda Pilot with ~220,000 on it. That's child's play. Mine has ~277,000. I'm aiming for 300,000!

Most awkward thing I saw: One man giving another a massage during the break between sessions this afternoon. Might be for you, but not my cup of tea.

Craziest interaction: I was in the hotel lobby, relaxing for a minute, and a woman came up to me with a message. She said she ran in a current of electricity and had a message from God: Jesus is coming back in November 2020. When I pressed her how she learned, she said she heard directly from God. Pressing further, she revealed that she was too smart for reading the Bible. She got her messages directly from angels sent directly from God. She didn't like my encouragement to read the Bible and get to know Jesus that way; at that point she got angry, and I made my exit! I've included her revelation here to see if ministers to anyone.