ETS Day 2.1

I’ve had a busy day already at ETS.

  • I started off the day grading papers in my hotel room. Boring, but required!
  • I had breakfast with Andrew King , a PhD student at SBTS . We have been Twitter friends for a while, so today we made it real. In addition to his academic work, he leads the important ministry Speak for the Unborn . He’s a great guy with a bright future.
  • I spent a good bit of the morning milling about the book tables, looking for deals and steals. During that time I ran into Melissa Fuller , Women’s Bible and Reference Editor for B&H Publishing Group, who happens to be one of my online students. She’s working on the She Reads Truth devotional Bible at present and has long term goals of writing and teaching. Another sharp person to keep an eye on!
  • Lunch was spent with Ed Glenny and David Starling planning next year’s session for the Biblical Hermeneutics study group. We are going to focus on David’s new book Hermeneutics as Apprenticeship with a panel of respondents for interaction.
  • In the afternoon I met with Herb Bateman for a bit, bought coffee for a student (again, catch me at snacktime and you never know what might happen!), saw a paper on Acts 1:6-8 in the Progressive Covenantalism study group, talked with Dr. Terri Moore, a recent DTS grad, and upgraded to Accordance 12 .

Off to another paper in a bit, and then to the banquet and address tonight. More to come!