ETS Day 1

Today was my heavy lifting day at ETS.

  • I met my good friend Steve Sanchez for breakfast. He and I overlapped in the doctoral program at DTS and worked together on the NET Bible.
  • From 9:00 am to 12:10 pm I was in the Biblical Hermeneutics section. We had four panelists, all discussing the contribution of E. D. Hirsch to hermeneutics: Elliott Johnson , Danny Hays , Dan McCartney, and myself. We had great discussion back and forth on lots of classic questions of interpretation.
  • I took two of my DTS students to lunch and got to talk about their goals and plans for seminary and ministry. (Yes, you heard that right. I took them to lunch. Catch me at mealtime and you never know what will happen!)
  • From 2:00 - 5:10 pm I was in the Synoptic Gospels section. We had three panelists, Stanley Porter , Brent Sandy, and myself. We discussed the new book, The Synoptic Problem: Four Views , and then fielded questions from Darrell Bock on the state of the question. Lots of agreement that we need to do more work on redaction criticism, the category of primitivity in the Synoptic traditions, and Q and orality.

Tomorrow’s a little lighter, but still lots to do!