Galatians 3:6-14 Exegetical Main Idea

On top of the exegetical outline in our exegetical method we create the exegetical main idea for the paragraph. This statement is a summary of all of the main points of the outline, but it lives separately from the outline as a summary of the central idea of the paragraph. It is also a subject-complement statement which gives appropriate detail and summary of the paragraph contents. This is an especially important output because this summarizes the whole paragraph. This is the big idea of what the author intended to communicate with this unit of thought. As such, it is a great foundation for discussion of the paragraph and communicating its teaching.

Here's the exegetical main idea I created for Galatians 3:6-14:

All who are justified by faith in Christ—even Gentiles, whom God knew previously that he would justify—are part of Abraham’s family because they exercise the same faith as Abraham and Christ has redeemed them from the curse of the Law with the result that they receive the same blessing of the Spirit.