Prayer for illumination of general revelation

We recently had Arts Week at DTS, and I was asked to pray in advance of Dr. Robert Johnston's message on Tuesday, the first day. The theme of the conference was "Image of the Invisible," and Dr. Johnston entitled his sermon series "If you have eyes to see...: reconsidering general revelation." In the spirit of the week I decided to draft my prayer as a poem, and I specifically chose to use iambic pentameter, having been inspired by Shakespeare's Julius Caesar the week before, although I'm sure my implementation of that rhythm was imperfect. The content of the poem was in keeping with the title of the sermon series. It was a moving experience for me as a whole. Here is the text I read that morning:

Should we see with your eyes this downcast world,
e'er broken, seeking, straining toward the light,
we would with haste seek pow'r from thine own hand,
to aid us as we humbly walk in night.

Dear father of us all, make quick our mind!
Enable us to see the world ring true.
Refresh our eyes that they would here alight
on all you made and make, will make, anew.

Forgive us where we fail to catch thy glimpse
Embedded all around in soil and sod.
May we breathe deep until our hearts fulfill
The impress where our holy Savior trod.

In our humanity and brokenness
may we see you in dark and earthy things.
May we know you in suffering and pain
until your glory all around us rings!