How do you measure the Spirit?

In light of the assertions made in my previous post, how does someone recognize the work of the Spirit today in another? The Pauline answer is not hard to find. In the same context in Romans where Paul mentioned the power of the Spirit in his ministry, Paul speaks of its effect: He is bringing about the “obedience of the Gentiles” (Rom 15:18), that is, Gentiles are believing that Jesus is the crucified and risen Messiah and they are obeying him as a result. In other words, because of the work of the Spirit in Paul’s ministry Gentiles are professing the same doctrine that Paul and the leaders in Jerusalem held as central and they are obeying it. The Spirit was creating belief in and fidelity to the preached word of Christ. Although not the only measure of the Spirit’s work—one may also point to the fruit of the Spirit in Gal 5:22-23 as an important measure of his work—in this context that measure is central.