The metacomment in Galatians 1:9

Paul begins Galatians 1:9 with this clause: "As we have said before even now I say again." Classified within discourse analysis as a metacomment, this clause attracts specific attention to what follows. Paul places the metacomment here because of the differences between vv. 8 and 9. The conditional statement in v. 8 is entirely hypothetical because of the absurd specificity of the suggested actors, but the condition which follows the metacomment in v. 9 is general and presently applicable to the Galatians' situation. The metacomment has two parts. The first part is a temporal marker, pointing back to what Paul just said in v. 8. The second part creates the forward-looking focus on what Paul is about to say in v. 9. Paul does not want his readers to miss what he is about to say, so he sets it up with a weighty introduction.