Paul's hypothetical condemnation in Galatians 1:8

In Galatians 1:8 Paul gives an entirely hypothetical condition to condemn those who preach a different gospel. Rather than weaken his argument against them, it actually strengthens it: If these hypothetical preachers are condemned, then the real ones causing trouble in Galatia are certainly condemned. Paul first identifies himself and "all the brothers with me" (Gal 1:2) with the pronoun "we." Then Paul mentions "an angel from heaven." Paul intends this statement to border on the absurd: There is no way he would change his message from the gospel which he preached to the Galatians and brought them into a relationship with God; nor would an angel from heaven, sent from God himself, preach in conflict with Paul’s message. But even if these individuals preached differently, despite their past fidelity or divine nature, they would be condemned. This means that those presently preaching a different message to the Galatians would in no way escape a similar punishment.