Steve Strauss has died

My colleague Steve Strauss, missions professor at DTS, died this morning from pancreatic cancer. He had been battling it for about a year. Throughout this trial he maintained a strong, consistent faith in the Lord and his power, even as the outcome for him looked even bleaker. I overheard him one time tell a colleague that he had made peace with the fact that the Lord apparently wanted him home instead of here on earth to be with his kids and eventual grandkids. Recently I was helping him decide what kind of new laptop to get for his seminary work, and he told me he was at peace with however long the process would take; he likely would not be around long enough to really use it, so he wasn't in any big hurry to decide! He was a godly man, and I pray if I'm ever in the same situation that I'll praise my Lord Jesus just as he did, even to the end.

In his honor, here is his bio from his DTS web page. He was a dedicated servant in missions and evangelism. May we emulate his example!

Dr. Steve Strauss joined DTS as Professor of World Missions and Intercultural Studies in January 2010. Previously, he served 8 years as Director of SIM U.S.A. ( and 19 years as a missionary with SIM in Ethiopia. While there, Dr. Strauss helped establish three theological schools, served as assistant pastor of the International Evangelical Church of Addis Ababa, and taught in churches throughout Africa and India. He holds a Th.M. from DTS and Ph.D. from Trinity International University. His research focuses on the contextualization of theology, the theology of mission, and the changing face of the worldwide church. Dr. Strauss and his wife have three married children.