A good example of a daily dose of Greek

A former student recently wrote me to ask a question about a verse in Greek. In our interaction I asked how he was keeping up with his Greek language skills and this is what he said:

I have quite fallen in love with the language, and am determined to translate the entire New Testament, pericope by pericope. Our church needed some sort of devotional, so I basically take a pericope each afternoon and translate it…then, the next morning, I’ll read it again in the Greek and will write a devotional, with a paragraph of exegetical work and a paragraph of applicational stuff and usually an illustration of some sort. So far, I’ve done 1 and 2 Peter, James, The Christmas Story in Luke, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 Corinthians, and am halfway through 2 Corinthians. It’s a great daily discipline for me, and I have definitely gotten stronger in the language. It’s the closest thing to expository preaching I’m doing at the moment, and being a writer—well, it’s always good to write something every day anyhow.

This is a great plan for continued work in the Greek text beyond the classroom. It's repetitive, which helps language learning, in that he goes through a paragraph one day and then repeats it the next. It's technical in that he's keeping up his exegesis skills. And it's practical in that he's using what he covers for his teaching ministry. Kudos to Michael Mitchell for working hard in the text and using that hard work to edify the body! Check out his devotional writing here.