Homosexuality Close to Home

Recently one of my children had the following discussion with a friend from the neighborhood. I've edited it somewhat for presentation here, but the gist is the same: Friend: "Recently the president of Chick-fil-a said he hated gays."

My child: "No he didn't. He said he supported what the Bible says about marriage."

Friend: "Do you think being gay is wrong?"

My child: "Yes. The Bible says that we shouldn't do that."

Friend: "That's hateful! The Bible says God loves everyone. Would you hate me if I were gay?"

My child: "No, I would still be your friend. We should love everyone, like God does, but the Bible says that is wrong and we shouldn't do it."

For obvious reasons I was very proud of my child for at the same time upholding the truth of what the Bible says about homosexuality and showing love for a friend. That's the spirit we should show whenever we talk about this issue or anything else, for that matter. It is uniquely the Christian who can do this because this is the character of God himself, and we show the gospel clearly when we imitate him in this regard.