The Paul Page

In my search to learn about the New Perspective on Paul, I have become reacquainted with The Paul Page. I remember visiting this page a number of years ago, soon after Mark Mattison started it, but it has changed a fair bit since then. In 2009 it changed from an individual site to part of the NT Gateway, which partners with Logos Bible Software (hence the ads for Logos on this and other NT Gateway pages). This site began as a place to discuss and advance the New Perspective on Paul. Mattison is pro-NPP, but he includes scads of material critical of it. It does have material on additional areas of Pauline studies, most notably Paul and Empire, but the central focus of the site remains on the NPP. The website has a great deal of helpful information, from links and article reprints to useful bibliographies and book reviews. (For example, here is Mattison's review of Yinger's introduction to the NPP, which I mentioned in my last blog post.) Mattison's own summary of the New Perspective is a helpful introduction to the important discussion of the role of justification in Paul within the NPP.