ETS: Odds and Ends and Closing Thoughts

I am presently waiting at the San Francisco Airport for my flight back to Dallas. ETS has been a good conference this year for me, and to close fittingly this ETS week I offer some odds and ends and closing thoughts. Weirdest moment: Walking in on the tail end of a session and hearing William Lane Craig discuss whether the number two existed.

Most uncomfortable moment: Sitting in Michael Licona's paper and hearing him take several shots at Norm Geisler, who as far as I know was not present. Maybe it would have been better to take the high road and simply allude to him in this instance without direct reference.

Most enjoyable moment(s): Connecting with students who begin to recognize the value of public academic discourse.

Scariest moment: Thinking that I may have accidentally moved the Snickers bar on the electronically rigged plate in my room in the Marriott Marquis, thus adding an automatic $9.95 charge to my hotel bill.

Biggest regret: Missing the dispensational study group presentations on Wednesday night. I heard that Blaising and Bock were really, really good.

The Takeaway: Kudos to Michael Thigpen and all the other ETS leaders who organized a great conference. There were lots of great papers, and everything went very smoothly as far as I could see. I learned a lot from the papers I heard, and it was a joy to connect with friends I had not seen in a while. This public aspect of the academic task is a vital one, despite its brevity, so I encourage all you students out there to start going to these as soon as you can. It will help you grow to become a better scholar in the Lord's service.

The southwest regional meeting of ETS will be held at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth on March 9-10. I look forward to seeing you there.

Dallas, here I come!