Wednesday Morning at ETS

I spent this morning attending paper presentations, as there were several of interest to me: Jacques Doukhan of Andrews University, "'She shall call his name Immanuel': Messianic Exegesis of Isa 7:13-14." His central argument was that Isa 7:13-14 was a messianic prophecy. He argued primarily from the literary structure of Isa 7:3-17.

John McMath of Moody Bible Institute, Spokane, "Hab 2.4 and Justification by Faith: An argument for Pauline Consistency with the Underlying Hebrew Concept of Justification by Faith." His central argument was that Habbakuk 2:4 and Paul's use of that citation in Romans 1:17 are essentially in agreement when properly understood in context. "Saving faith [that is, Paul's argument] and faith for living [that is, Habakkuk's argument] are different components or stages of the same concept."

Rhyne Putman of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, "Evangelicals and Gadamerian Hermeneutics: Promises and Perils." He argued that interaction with the hermeneutics of Gadamer can be helpful for the development of a particularly Christian theology of hermeneutics.

J. William Johnston of Dallas Theological Seminary, "Is There a Quotation in This Text? James 4:5 and the Jealous S/spirit." He argued that the traditional punctuation of James 4:5 should be modified, with the result that there is no citation in v. 5. Instead the verse serves to introduce a quotation in v. 6 from Prov 3:34.

I haven't hit the book tables yet, but plan to do so this afternoon.