Wednesday Afternoon and Evening at ETS

Wednesday afternoon for me was about connections. As I said before, the ETS meetings are about paper presentations, but they are also about networking with others in the biblical and theological disciplines. My first connection was with Kregel Publications about a current project, the commentary and reference survey several of the DTS faculty have been working on together. We are hoping to finish that project soon, so stay tuned for some more news on that (hopefully good!). Then by happenstance I encountered a professor from the seminary in France where I taught as a visiting teacher last year. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting for a short while, and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking some of my rusty French. Next I connected with a good friend over coffee and talked about life and ministry at Caffe Pascucci. Then I connected with a colleague from  the DTS Houston extension for dinner and had a great chance to learn how well that particular extension is doing. Lastly I connected with another publisher to discuss potential projects. Wednesday evening was about digital publishing. Logos Bible Software hosted a session to showcase their digital publishing and content creation. It is amazing how fast the publishing paradigm is shifting, and Logos is working hard to be ahead of the curve. One example of this is their Lexham Bible Dictionary, currently in production. Designed from the ground up as a digital project, this dictionary will wed the best of current scholarship with the digital format, allowing for a more effective presentation and updating process. I'm very excited to see what else publishers come up with along these lines.