ETS Week

Today I head to the annual national meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society in San Francisco. ETS was formed in 1949 "to foster conservative Biblical scholarship by providing a medium for the oral exchange and written expression of thought and research in the general field of the theological disciplines as centered in the Scriptures" (from Article II of the ETS constitution). It is the primary professional society for evangelical professors and teachers because it focuses largely on academic research, but many attendees are ministers, para-church leaders, and even lay leaders. It is a great cross-section of the evangelical community in the United States, and it affords a great opportunity to learn, network, and stay fresh. The conference centers on paper presentations throughout each day, with central meetings around a major theme. This year's theme is "No Other Name," referencing Acts 4:12 and the fact that salvation is through no one but Jesus Christ. Many of the individual papers will focus on an aspect of the central theme, but there will also be extensive coverage of other topics, too.

My goals for the conference are two-fold. First, I want to dive into papers on Galatians to support my work on the EEC commentary. Second, books, books, books. The conference hosts a huge book room, and just about every Christian publisher under the sun will be there, from big companies like Eerdmans to small outfits that are new to the publishing scene. Discounts are steep, but I'm looking primarily to see what is available.

I'll keep you updated on the conference as it proceeds. Next stop, San Francisco!