Jeff Bingham on theological education

This post formerly appeared on my Wordpress blog, but I wanted to highlight it here. This post highlights a piece by Dr. Jeff Bingham, now at Wheaton College, on issues in evangelical higher education.

One of my colleagues here at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Jeff Bingham, recently posted on critical issues facing evangelical theological education. In short, some problematic trends in evangelicalism are causing evangelical theological training to undergo similar problematic changes. I've witnessed some of these first hand, and Bingham is correct to highlight these for our attention and action. Highly recommended reading for those currently involved in theological training at a Bible college or seminary, but also for those who are in leadership in the local church. Great quote from his closing:

Seminaries cannot merely teach theology within their curriculum or require their faculties to affirm statements of doctrine. They should live their distinctive faiths out in their philosophies of education. Otherwise, they will deny with their actions what they affirm with their words.

Well said, Dr. Bingham!