The goal of exegesis

A repost from my prior blog installation.

I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine who serves as a pastor in a difficult area. As we talked, I mentioned that I admired him because he was a bulldog. He is tenacious and determined to minister in his chosen area of service, never giving up on the task God called him to do. His response was quick and immediate: "Why would I give up on something I love? I get to introduce people to Jesus. I help them discover Christ. What greater joy is there than that?" As a pastor my friend regularly introduces people to Christ through evangelism and church ministry. I found myself asking the question, "Why should exegesis have a different goal than evangelism? Why should my job as a professor at DTS be different in its purpose than a pastor?" At the end of the day it really isn't different. Through exegesis and interpretation of the Bible I have the joyous privilege of guiding people to know Jesus and to know him more intimately. Through a better understanding of the scripture we gain a better understanding of the God who gave us those scriptures. I may not introduce people to Christ for the first time, but through my exegesis I hope to deepen and strengthen that relationship.

May the passion of our exegesis be Christ and making him known!