Abe Kuruvilla, Pericopal Theology

Kuruvilla, Abraham. “Pericopal Theology.” Bibliotheca Sacra 173 (2016): 3-17.

The most recent issue of the DTS journal Bibliotheca Sacra hit my desk this week, so I wanted to recommend a few of its articles. First is this one by my colleague Abe Kuruvilla, who has worked extensively in the hermeneutics of preaching. In it he espouses a particular hermeneutical approach for preaching in which the pragmatic thrust of the text receives primary consideration. I can't say that I agree with him in all his assertions (he tends to be dismissive of many things which I regard as essential to establishing meaning of a text; how can you know a text's thrust unless you know its grammar, history, etc?), but it's good food for thought on how to move from text to application. Recommended for those interested in preaching and how application works. There will be three more articles to come from him in forthcoming issues, as these are the written form of lectures he gave at DTS during our Griffith Thomas lectures February 3-6, 2015.