Schreiner on Hebrews

I spent some time recently working through Tom Schreiner’s new commentary on Hebrews in the Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation series published by B&H. This is a solid work which enables expositors to ground their exegesis and exposition in biblical theology. Here’s the write-up I’m going to put in the forthcoming commentary and reference survey.

Approach: This new series aims to provide exegesis of the text within the framework of biblical theology. Key to this is “a thorough discussion of the most important themes of the biblical book in relation to the canon as a whole” (p. xi). To this end the author includes two important sections in the introduction (“Hebrews and the Story Line of the Bible” and “Biblical and Theological Structures”), as well as an entire major section after the commentary on “Biblical and Theological Themes.”
Format: Text begins with Introduction covering traditional issues (authorship, date, destination, etc.) plus some attention to theology of the book. Commentary is divided into paragraph units. Each section contains (1) Outline, which places the paragraph within the larger outline given in the introduction; (2) the HCSB translation; (3) short discussion of the context; (4) verse-by-verse exegesis; and (5) Bridge, a summation of the theological message of the passage. Following the commentary is an extensive discussion of the theology of the book, including sections on God, Jesus Christ, the Spirit, the New Covenant, etc.
Usability: This text enables readers to quickly get a sense for the theological message of a passage. Even though the exegetical discussions are not extensive or detailed, they are helpful for their clarity and crispness. The reader, in keeping with the series’ goal, should dive into the theological discussions to ground the commentary.