Kuruvilla's Commentary on Mark

I am putting the finishing touches on the Commentary and Reference Survey manuscript which I am editing for Kregel and had a chance to spend some time this morning with Abraham Kuruvilla's commentary on the Gospel of Mark. Here's the assessment I wrote up about his commentary. We're going to give it three stars (out of three) for the help it provides for exposition.

Kuruvilla, Abraham. Mark: A Theological Commentary for Preachers (Cascade, 2012). 397 pp. $$

Approach: Kuruvilla plows new ground by focusing on movement from text to theology to application. Emphasis is on theological exegesis of narrative units with suggestive development of preaching outlines. Intent is to help the preacher move through the Gospel pericope by pericope.
Format: The preface addresses the distinct hermeneutical and theological approach of the commentary. The short introduction addresses a few traditional matters but focuses primarily on structural elements of the Gospel which enforce the primary theme of discipleship. Discussion of each pericope includes (1) a summary of the pericope’s narrative placement, (2) the “Theological Focus” of the pericope, expressed as an outline with full, theological statements, (3) “Overview,” (4) the author’s translation, (5) “Notes,” which is the commentary proper designed to support and explain the Theological Focus, and (6) “Sermon Focus and Outlines,” which offers a theological theme and suggested outlines for preaching.
Usability: Hermeneutically sensitive, exegetically grounded, and theologically developed. It will take some effort to process the way Kuruvilla handles the text (pay special attention to his explanation in the preface), but the effort will yield good expositional fruit.