Some Thoughts on the Reading of Books –

I’m always on the lookout for different strategies to attack the reading I have to do as well as general approaches to reading better. I’m not sure how I came across this post on reading by Albert Mohler, but his take on the broad task of reading well gave me some thoughts on how to prioritize my own reading and new areas in which to read. For example, his advice on particular authors to read exhaustively was well put:

3. Read all the titles written by some authors. Choose carefully here, but identify some authors whose books demand your attention. Read all they have written and watch their minds at work and their thought in development. No author can complete his thoughts in one book, no matter how large.

I have always appreciated the works of Martin Hengel and N. T. Wright, so I may very well take them on in this vein. In any case, I hope his ideas spur you on to some better reading of your own.