A helpful handbook on Galatians

In my commentary writing on Galatians, I have been reading Arichea and Nida's Galatians: A Translator's Handbook on Paul's Letter to the Galatians (1976). The United Bible Societies have published many handbooks like this to help the work of Bible translators. These handbooks work through the exegesis of the text with an emphasis on how the meaning would be translated in different languages. This gives me a fresh perspective for thinking about how the Greek text is working and how that meaning can be communicated clearly in English. It is especially helpful when the authors suggest how to translate a particular meaning into a language that differs from both Greek and English. That kind of discussion simply helps me think a little more about the Greek text, and that in itself is a helpful process. I'd recommend this text and others like it published by UBS for those who would like some fresh material for thinking through Galatians.