Nestle-Aland 28 headed our way!

The 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland critical edition of the Greek text is finally within reach. The German Bible Society has set up a new website dedicated to NA28, and it has a fair bit of information about what's to come. They break changes to NA28 down into two categories. First are changes to the text as a whole (more detailed info here):

  • Newly discovered Papyri listed
  • Distinction between consistently cited witnesses of the first and second order abandoned
  • Apparatus notes systematically checked
  • Imprecise notes abandoned
  • Previously concatenated notes now cited separately
  • Inserted Latin texts reduced and translated
  • References thoroughly revised

Then they list changes to the Catholic Epistles, changes which arise out of INTF's work on those books for the Editio Critica Maior:

  • New reconstruction of the text
  • Defining the Consistently Cited Witnesses for the Catholic Letters

This will be an exciting edition that will provide new data for exegesis of the NT text. Word on the street is that editions may be available for purchase at the SBL meetings in November in advance of a wider availability at the end of the year.