Köstenberger and Patterson, Invitation to Biblical Interpretation

I recently received an exam copy of Invitation to Biblical Interpretation: Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History, Literature, and Theology by Andreas Köstenberger and Richard Patterson. This text seeks to place the task of exegesis in a larger, hermeneutical framework. The authors stress the task of exegesis as having three major facets: In order to understand any one text, the interpreter must work carefully through (1) the history and culture from which it came; (2) the literary setting of the canon, genre, and language in which it was written; and (3) the theology of the text. This text serves as a handbook for working through each of those areas in turn. Although not a text on philosophical hermeneutics per se there are some important presuppositions working in the arrangement and order of the text, such as the primacy of the canon as the backdrop for interpretation. This text is practically an encyclopedia of interpretive method, which has the unfortunate effect of rendering certain sections a little short on substance. As a whole, this is a great text for working through a thoroughgoing exegetical method, although it will in some places need to be supplemented with additional techniques and training.