Gordon Fee and Alzheimer's

I originally published this post a while back on my Wordpress blog. As I move content over to the new site, I'm going to periodically highlight certain posts. Here's another one, which I highlight as a matter of pray for all who are familiar with this great scholar.

I am currently reading the just-published commentary for Hebrews in the New International Commentary on the New Testament. Gordon Fee has been the editor of the series since 1990; he is the third after Ned B. Stonehouse and F. F. Bruce. As is customary, he included a short editor's preface. Normally I scan those, but this one caught my eye and required a serious reading:

It is with considerable mixed emotions that I (gladly) introduce this commentary to the reading public. On the one hand, this work represents a signal end of an era for this commentary series, since it is both replacing a commentary by the second general editor (F. F. Bruce) and is the final editorial task of the third general editor, whose onsetting bout with Alzheimer's disease has necessitated his relinquishing this task, even though a few additional replacement volumes are still in the mill as it were.

Obviously Fee's comment about Alzheimer's caught me off guard. I had not heard anything publicly before about this, so perhaps this is his way of notifying the NT scholarly community of what he is facing. Let us pray for this great scholar and dedicated believer. May the Lord to be gracious to him by granting him strength and grace in the battle ahead.