Some books I am currently reading

I am currently working through two books, one for personal development and the other professional. They are both very engaging, but for different reasons.

The first is Walter Isaacson's recent biography of Steve Jobs. I converted to the religion of Apple about four years ago personally and two years ago professionally. Never having been a part of a cult before, I really didn't know I was supposed to act or how we got started on this road to enlightenment. Neither did I know much about our charismatic leader. Reading this book has been a real eye-opener. It generates conflicting emotions for me. On the one hand, I see how Jobs' personality led to the creation of fantastic products, many of which I use to accomplish my ministry and life goals. On the other hand, I see attitudes and behaviors which I could never condone. If I were to treat people at DTS the way Jobs did, I would be shown the door in short order. It's a fascinating read and has provoked a great deal of self reflection.

The second is Raymond Brown's An Introduction to the New Testament. Published in 1997, the year before his death, this is truly an introduction for those who need to learn about the context of the Bible and its history of interpretation. Even so, this is a mature work and represents in some ways the culmination of Brown's thinking on a variety of topics. One thing I appreciate as a Protestant is his frequent reference to Roman Catholic interpretation in a way that is neither heavy handed nor dismissive. He was a very honest scholar, and as such is a very worthwhile read.