Stanley E. Porter, Inking the Deal

Stanley E. Porter, Inking the Deal: A Guide for Successful Academic Publishing (Waco: Baylor, 2010).

There's one simple reason that you ought to take the time to read this book if you are a budding academic exegete: This book guides you through aspects of the publishing enterprise that no one will bother to tell you but you need to know in order to be successful.

Porter is nothing if he is not prolific. As long as I have been in academia, I have been amazed at his publishing record. (Searching for him as an author at the DTS Library website yields 75 books. This doesn't even count articles, conference papers, etc.) So clearly he knows of what he speaks. This book is his personal attempt to guide those less experienced in scholarly publishing. He covers all aspects of the publishing business, from tips on improving one's writing to tips on creating a manuscript in the proper form to insider information on how publishers choose what to publish. There are lots of practical suggestions on how to make academic writing a lifestyle and how to assess one's own publishing record.

Since this is a very personal book, it sometimes idiosyncratic. Porter stresses a method which will establish an author as an expert in a particular field, and he has his own view of what that would look like. Perhaps other scholars would disagree. There are lots of personal asides which sometimes distract from the flow. But I'll be the first to say that I'm reviewing his book, he's not reviewing mine, so I stand to learn a lot more from him than vice versa!

Long and short: Very handy guide on how to make academic publishing a lifestyle. Highly recommended for all budding scholars.